THE SHIMMER GUIDE is made up of individual editions that each cover a specific topic. Our philosophy is to ease the stress of wedding planning by breaking down the enormous task list into easy to follow steps. With this approach, you won’t become overwhelmed by the many, many details bombarding you and your sanity all at the same time. No matter what stage of wedding planning you’re in, we have a guide to streamline your planning and give you all the knowledge, tips and tools you need to plan your wedding like a pro.

Each edition contains video guides, hands-on tools, worksheets and resources from professional wedding planner, Paige Petriw.

1st Edition: How to get started wedding planning


CONGRATULATIONS! You’re engaged. You’ve clinked glasses, dazzled the ring and celebrated in style. Now it’s time to plan the big day, but where do you start? If you feel overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks ahead, and have no idea what order to tackle them in, this guide is for you!

2nd Edition: How Much Does it Cost? Wedding Budget 101


The burning question that no one can give you a straight answer on. How much does a wedding cost? Because no two weddings are alike, the real question is how much will YOUR wedding cost? This guide will walk you through how much to allocate for each line item in your wedding budget, average costs for each category, what impacts pricing, realistic ways to cut back, and more. Whether you have a set budget to stay within, or you want to see what your dream wedding will add up to, this guide will give you all the answers!

3rd Edition: Hiring the Right Vendors


Officiant, photographer, videographer, music, flowers, decor, cake… the list goes on. If you have no idea where to begin, or how to find experienced and reliable vendors, this guide will give you all the industry insight you need. The vendors you hire will make or break your wedding day, so don’t miss these tips and resources to ensure you assemble the right team of pros for you.

More editions to be announced soon